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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Episode 1 | Everyday & Night Is Story
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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Episode 1

Early february. I met adebimpe on facebook as a mutual friend to one of my friends. One thing led to another, we started chatting on BBM and early march, we started E-dating. 3weeks ago, we discussed on how we will see facially and she suggested to travel down to meet me in lagos if only I can send T.fare. Adebimpe is a student of uniport so she is fully based in PHC. I was so happy that I started day dreaming how the visitation will look like, the romance, fun, love- making etc. On the 14th of April, I sent 10k into her account as T-fare. She called me to tell me she got the money. And the travelling preparation began. The D-day came. I have cleaned up my room, bought foodstuffs, bought a new pack of CD. When she dropped at iyana ipaja garage, I told her to pick a bus to my house address which she did, she got to my house at around 5pm. I ushered her in, gave her soft drinks and we were chating. When it was 6pm, she shocked me by telling me she has a cousin here in Lagos and that’s where she will be staying throughout her 3days stay and that I should visit her at her cousin’s place the following day. I was so sad but I didn’t show it, I faked a smile and walk her off to take bike. I come dey reason am say “se na like dis my 10k go waste?”. The next day, I didn’t go to visit her and I lied that I was sick with the mindset that she will come to my place instead. But na lie, all she could do was to call me and ask after my health. That nite, I couldn’t sleep. I was just wondering how silly I am. I just put my fone in silence and forcefully slept off. As I woke up around 6am in the morning, I picked my fone and I saw a text from adebimpe. Which says “baby u knw I will be leaving today, wat time should I come to visit u so as to get my return T-fare”. Chaiii, na so my head spark…..
To be continued.
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status: offContinue pls, come update the next episode o
About 4 month ago
status: offPls bro come update oooo
About 6 month ago
status: offPls update next episode nah
About 6 month ago
status: offsorry for posting it late dear buddies
About 6 month ago
status: offOkay no problem
About 6 month ago
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